St James'
Islington N1

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Mission Action Plan

Reading the life of Jesus in the Bible, you can see a definite shape to what he was doing. He called the disciples, trained them as best he could and then he took them on the difficult journey to Jerusalem where we they would see him both crucified and restored to life at the Resurrection.

Since 2009 we at St James’ have prayed for God’s help to shape our work, learning how to be more effective in sharing the Good News that Jesus came to bring.

In our first Five year Plan up to our 140th anniversary in May 2016, we re-ordered the Church to make it more welcoming, updated the website to make ourselves better known, opened up the Church as a venue for concerts like the Islington Proms and brought our administration up to date so that we could make the very best use of the resources we have inherited. We also opened a soup kitchen for the benefit of the local street community – which we hadn’t planned!

During ‘Phase 2’ the inside of the Church was redecorated and hanging rails were installed to allow art exhibitions to be mounted. Ambitious plans to rebuild and enlarge the Gray and Nicholson Organ have also been completed and await approval by the Chancellor of the Diocese of London.