St James'
Islington N1

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worship-2-crossWe asked a number of visitors to tell us about the services at St James’…

When I got inside the organ was playing and there were lots of candles at the far end. Someone gave me a small leaflet.  She said I didn’t need a hymn book as all the hymns were in there too. There weren’t very many people in the Church to start with. More came in later – some much later! No one seemed to mind when a baby came in crying.

There were two readings from the Bible which were read by different people. I really liked the quiet song that came in between but I didn’t know it. 

The sermon was about joy and how one of the things God gives us is the confidence to be happy. It was upbeat but there weren’t many jokes. And it wasn’t too long.

At half time we shook hands with other members of the congregation. After that I didn’t understand very much of what was happening but the congregation all seemed to know what to do. Then we were invited to go up to receive the bread and wine – or a blessing if we wanted. I hadn’t planned to go to the front but I am glad I did as the blessing felt quite special.

At the end all the children from Sunday School came and stood at the front and a lady talked about what they had been doing in the Hall. They showed us some of their craft work. It looked like they had enjoyed themselves.

Now that we have moved to XX our new local parish church is just around the corner.  Compared with St James’ it is rather boring and unimaginative – and dark!