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First Holy Communion

After 20 years of theological reflection and practical experiment, the Church of England has revised its rules about the moment when its members are welcome to receive the bread and wine of Holy Communion.

In the past the Church has only admitted those who have completed a course of study and been Confirmed, usually in their early teenage years.

Today we understand learning to be a life-long process and Holy Communion to be a major way in which God feeds and encourages us in the Journey of Faith.

At St James’ we invite all children in Year 5 and above to take part in a short preparation course so that they an be admitted to Communion. At this point they can easily distinguish ‘ordinary’ food with ‘holy’ food and understand what Jesus did for them at the Last Supper.

Children who are admitted to Holy Communion in this way continue to live the full life of the Church until such time as they ask to be Confirmed.