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Prayer Links

For many years our major overseas relationship was with the children at St David’s orphanage in the small town on Bonda in Zimbabwe. Each of the young people children there have lost their parents through AIDS. At Harvest time and at Christmas we have raised funds, not least through our annual Smartie tube appeal.

As a result of visits made to the UK, we have two other international prayer partnerships. The first is with Revd Suzanne Smith, Rector of Grace Church, Alvin in Texas. Suzanne, along with her husband Travis who is Rector at Holy Comforter Church in Angleton visited St James’ in the summer of 2018. They have three boys Luke, Noah and Andrew. The second link is with Sebastian and Yuki Naniwa. Yuki has been a regular visitor to St James’. Sebastian is serving in a parish in Ehime in Japan while Yuki continues her career as an international organist.