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Enquirers Course & Confirmation

When we read the Four Gospels, we begin to see something of the way Jesus worked with his disciples. We can also see how long it took before he felt able to send them out to share the Good News on their own.

We believe that learning to be a disciple today is very similar and is as much to do with training the heart as it is to do with training the mind. We need time to learn, time to explore issues and time to make links with our own experience. Most of all we need time to re-shape our lives so that they are completely dependant on the will of God.

At St James’ we make the encouragement of Enquirers (someone who has not yet been baptised and/or confirmed) a top priority and during their training we hope that they will enjoy the Christian Basics course which combines the study of the Bible and Church Tradition with the tools necessary to live the Christian life. The course takes 6-9 months.

During that time we also hope the Enquirer will want to become a full member of the Church community. This is celebrated when the bishop comes to St James’ to ‘confirm’ that faith.

A leaflet is available at the back of Church and Fr John would be delighted to tell you more about the Enquirers course.