St James'
Islington N1

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worship-2-crossThe PARISH MASS at 10am each Sunday is at the heart of all we do at St James’. Whatever we have achieved in our day to day lives during the week is brought into Church and offered back to God in thanksgiving.

Through listening to the Bible and in the receiving of the sacramental gifts of bread and wine, we are filled with Jesus’ love, wisdom and power. Together we ‘wait upon the Lord’. We listen to his ‘word for today’ and that encourages us to pray for the many situations where we believe God can transform what is happening.

By coming regularly to Mass we are renewed to be Jesus’ hands and feet, so that when we leave Church we can be loving friends to all the people we live and work with.

worship-4-childWe believe it is important to offer the very best worship that we can. The choice of music, the quality of the sermon and the involvement of each member of the congregation all matter and we actively encourage everyone to help make this Church ‘a gateway to heaven’.