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Prayer Links

prayer-links-leafletThe fact that we live in the centre of one of the busiest capital cities in the world doesn’t mean that, in our daily prayers, we don’t remember that we are also part of a world-wide community of faith.

We give thanks for this great body of mutual support and encouragement.

We currently have three groups of people for whom we pray on a very regular basis. Two of these (MOP and Us) we also support financially.

We also recall, by name, a large number of individuals who have asked for our prayers. Many of these people are seriously ill. We welcome invitations to add further names to the list of the sick and those in need.


Canon Nicholas Wheeler of Us creating more ‘Anglican Space’ in the City of God Parish, Rio de Janeiro


John Cunningham, Ballymacarrett Union, East Belfast

Dumisani Nguni and the Medical Orphan Project, Zimbabwe

Dumisani Nguni and the Medical Orphan Project, Zimbabwe