St James'
Islington N1

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Each of us grows to know and love God in different ways. St James’ hopes to be able to provide a range of opportunities for learning, as and when they are needed. Not all of the these run each week of the year.

SUNDAY SCHOOL is available almost every Sunday of the year (except during the All Age Mass on 1st Sundays). The sessions are held in the Church Hall and are highly inter-active.

A FIRST COMMUNION PROGRAMME is available to children in year 5 upwards.

THE BASIC CHRISTIANITY COURSE is designed for those who would like to explore the Christian faith after some time away from Church

ENQUIRERS at St James’ is an extended programme lasting up to 12 months. It usually leads to the sacrament of Confirmation

TALKING HEADS is an informal group which aims to develop themes first explored before Confirmation. A very wide range of topics are discussed in an informal way.